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Dreaming up The Visit of Oneself



A guy got in touch and said he´d like to be photographed. As we talked, he sent me a couple pictures of his appartment, with the side of another building right in front a window. My first thought was to project him in that wall somehow. Some days ago we met and I visited him to test a few things with the lights. I didn´t take the usual stuff I carry, but I had my camera and some little lights. We started playing with what we had and, despite the limitations, had some fun testing the possibilities. We have a few other meetings planned. Let´s see where it takes us.



There was this guy I met last time I went back to my hometown. In the middle of our conversations, he mentioned having someone looking at him as a possible factor for a turn on situation, so I thought I should somehow include myself in the pic.

Anatomy Institute

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I´m on vacations. A few weeks ago I was in Berlin, where my friend Damiel currently lives. Knowing I´d be in town, if only for a few days, he started teasing me with all kinds of information about the abandoned places in the city. One of the sources was the Abandoned Berlin page, which is just the kind pf page that blows your mind. We had time to visit only one of those places, but it was worth the wait. Here are some pictures in the former Anatomy Institute, in a calm suburb of Berlin.



Red Eye


Valley Lights


Here´s one more sample of city lights as “backlight” in a photo. Part of those lights come from a small city on the first steps of the mountain range that gets to dip its feet in the ocean at some points in Southeastern Brazil. A good deal of those lights, however, probably comes from a much bigger town, way higher in that range, that is part of the growing connurbation between Rio and São Paulo.





Amsterdam has probably been the coolest place I’ve taken my project, so far. Very receptive and kind people, and a genuine curiosity from the guys I approached. One new reason to love a city I had been fond of for years.



Mouth to Hell



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