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Frente e Verso


Renato, from a new perspective. I had been trying to use a wooden floor like that in a shot for a while, when the opportunity came.



Amethyst Stairway


Pleasure Pier


A long pier provided an unexpected scenario for photos, while I was exploring a coastal road in the night Kill the Lights was shot.

Nata Goiaba

IMG_0908-1-2Opposite feelings concerning carnival this year. For a number of reasons, I didn’t take part in any festivities. On the other hand, for Renato, the days weren’t enough to enjoy the best carnival in the country. Between work and partying, he took some time to be photographed in a place somehow related to his work, and right at the carnival’s hotspot.


IMG_0669-2IMG_0675-2Time goes by, and coconut plantations in my home state gradually give way to villages, resorts and beach houses. The light pollution invading those images indicate that this very area may have its days numbered and vanish anytime soon, along with the starry nights.

Vantage Point


Santi, Now In Technicolor

IMG_0475-2Santi. Same place. Some colour.



Just a crazy shot, so I could use this mask I bought a while ago… :)

Visiting Gugah


It’s been a while since I wanted to photograph Alexandre. Now that he’s about to move from his appartment, with one of the best views in town, I just couldn’t postpone it. Here are the photos of a quick visit I paid him.

Já há algum tempo queria fotografar Alexandre. Agora que ele está prestes a se mudar do apartamento onde mora, com uma das melhores vistas da cidade, não podia mais deixar pra depois. Aqui as fotos de uma visitinha que fiz a ele.


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