Sugarcane, or the Valley that Wasn’t

Last time I went back to my hometown, I flew in from a completely new direction, thanks to a crazy flight connection. A little after we started our descent, a most unusual valley caught my attention. Apparently very narrow, with high walls running almost straight on both sides, it looked somewhat artificial, and quite not the type of land feature for the region. I immediately started feeding a little obsession in finding it in a map and getting to see if it was possible to reach it by car. Google´s low resolution images in the area didn´t help much, but eventually I figured out a way to reach it. Add a couple of adventurous friends, and in a few days we hit the road, hoping to reach our little piece of land.

It was supposed to be around 130 km from us, roughly a two-hour drive, half of it through sugarcane plantations. The first 120 km were just fine, leaving town, crossing the works on the new local stadium for the World Football Cup of 2014, and all the road works related to it, until we hit the plateau in the countryside where the plantations begin. We eventually got to the nearest city, right beside our valley, only to find out that works on the only dirt road to it were in progress, making it impossible for us to reach it. Think disappointment…

We obviously left home without knowing if it would even be possible to get there, so we moved to plan B: using the sugarcane plantations somehow. This is the result of that night´s adventures.

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