The Architect

Someone gets in touch with you. Says he likes your photos and he’ll be in town for a few days. You invite him to try taking pics. He says he’s staying in a hotel right beside one of Rio’s architectural landmarks, currently abandoned, Hotel Nacional. The hotel, reflecting some of the in vogue ideals of urban planning from the 1960’s, is in stark contrast with the equally iconic Rocinha favela that developed in the same area. The cylindric tower was designed by the acclaimed (and apparently immortal, sickness-and-death-dodger-104-year-old-and-counting) architect Oscar Niemeyer, the same one who, along with architect and urban planner Lucio Costa, was in charge of the construction of Brazil’s current capital and World Heritage Site-Brasilia. Our man too, is an architect, which made the whole ensemble irresistible. Here’s the first post of what we did last night. Thanks Pedro.

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