Exposição Leia o Perfil – Tour Virtual

Para quem mora longe e não pode comparecer, fizemos este tour virtual da exposição. Basta clicar na imagem do texto indrodutório deste post.

For those who don’t live in or near São Paulo, here’s a vitrual tour of the exhibit. Just click on the introductory text image on this post. The text says:

“The Lightrapping Project started at the turn of the decade, when geosocial apps, better known as “hookup apps” became popular in the Brazilian gay scene. And it started as a subversion of the use of those apps.
Instead of a behaviour often observed in this environment, of objectification of people and shallow contacts, the photographer tried to convince strangers to start a series of conversations, to open themselves up and tell their most intimate aspects.
From these long conversations, often spanning weeks or months, came the ideas for the pictures.
The night escapades were the materialization of this process: the psychological stripping finally turned physical.
Along those years the project got attention from media outlets in Brazil and abroad, and became the inspiration of a 2016 namesake short film.  We invite you to go through the exhibit as if you wandered through the conversations that gave birth to it. I suggest you imagine the stories behing each photograph and the catharsis that it meant in those night escapades.

Junior Ferraro, Journalist.”

Tour produzido pela RCS Vision.


Arte de Victoria Flaksbaum

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