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Time goes by, and coconut plantations in my home state gradually give way to villages, resorts and beach houses. The light pollution invading those images indicate that this very area may have its days numbered and vanish anytime soon, along with the starry nights. O tempo passa, e […]

Happy Hour

Friday night. After working till late in a remote area between the mountains and the sea, I´m about to hit the road. That was the plan, until I looked up and saw the clear night and the type of sky you only get to see in places like […]


On my way back from a remote beach where I shot some pics of a friend, I came across this image, ready to be captured. Voltando de uma praia no fim do mundo, onde fotografei um amigo, eu me deparei com essa imagem, pronta pra ser capturada.


This week I read that China is currently  shipping  thousands of tons of goods in seemingly endless trains along the historical Silk Route. Changes are thus forced throughout Asia And Europe, from Kazakhstan and Russia, rippling through Iran, Belarus, Poland and on to Western Europe. In the outskirts […]