Back in Business

Depois de uma pausa forçada por ter equpamento furtado no que supostamente seria um dos lugares mais seguros da cidade de São Paulo (a administração!? da segurança do Parque do Ibirapuera manda lembranças), é hora de molhar os pés de novo. Molhar e sujar de areia, barro, lama, […]

On Butts and Lévy-Strauss…

A few years after shooting the photos of Pleasure Pier, I return to the spot to find it almost completely destroyed. Reminded me of antropologist Lévy-Strauss, who once noted about Brazil that “Here everything looks like still under construction and already in ruins.” Uns anos após fazer as […]

Fields of Gold

A while ago a guy I got in touch to photograph told me about a place on the top of a high hill with interesting rocks on it. Recently we went there to check it out. Unfortunately, because it was in a dark remote area we´d need a […]

Aula de Pilates

Há um tempo um casal que já fotografei pro projeto me falou que teria acesso à sala onde faziam pilates, e que o proprietário do local toparia a idéia de fazer fotos lá. Então, uma bela noite nos largamos todos pro local. Aqui o resultado. Agradecimentos a Alessandro […]

Lake at Night

During a trip to Germany last year I got in touch with @sailorbln through a common friend. You’ve probably seen some of the photos from the posts based in the conversations we had for the project. A few days before we met in the abandoned brewery he invited […]

Raise up the Stakes

Once one starts playing that little game I mentioned in the first post of this series, there are inescapable thoughts that come to one’s mind during the wanderings in places like that: “how to make it more daring?”, “what would it feel like to be playing for the […]