B-Sides – Großer Zug

New post on the B-Sides, with the photos from a boat ride just outside Berlin, while we waited for the day to end, so we could start shooting for the project. Novo post no B-Sides, com as fotos de um passeio de barco nas cercanias de Berlim, enquanto […]

Sleepless in Berlin

The first time I went to Berlin I left with the feeling that I hadn´t quite grasped the city. This time, I left feeling that we´re much more intimate. Maybe my crazy sleeping hours, that got me jumping out of bed when the city was still asleep helped […]

Bodhi Tree

In my recent trip to New York most the plans I had made for photographing fell through. However, as it often happens, new, unforeseen and unexpected situations presented themselves. A very good surprise chance put in my way was chatting to Dirk. Dirk is a most interesting pal, […]


A few months ago I joined Hugo Godinho’s 100nudeshoots project. If you don´t know it yet, I recommend you have a look at it. As a first experiment we went after a few places in São Paulo that would pose some sort of challenge for the making of […]