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Em 2012 eu fui contactado por um estudante que acabou sendo fotografado no meu projeto Leia o Perfil.Na época nossas conversas nos levaram pra o edifício onde estava sendo instalada uma faculdade. Os últimos andares estavam incompletos, com obras em andamento, e foi neles que fizemos as fotos. […]


Amsterdam has probably been the coolest place I’ve taken my project, so far. Very receptive and kind people, and a genuine curiosity from the guys I approached. One new reason to love a city I had been fond of for years.

Playground For Grown Ups

Here’s the closure of our adventures in and around Oosterpark, in Amsterdam. The park’s atmosphere changes dramatically at night, and its dark corners turns it into a real playground for adults. One of the most interesting things that happened while we were doing those photos was the way […]


Here´s the sequence to the pics in Tjuks´rooftop. Before heading to the park for the pics, we first had a stroll with my buddy´s huge dog, who´s probably heavier than me. I took that time to check the possible spots for the photos. Since the place is used as […]