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Sugar Loaf

What does it feel like to have one of the world’s greatest and most visited touristic spots virtually just for you? The surprise of having it almost empty in an awesome evening, in one of the busiest times of the year for tourism in Rio, is priceless. I […]

Red in Rio

  A takeoff from Santos Dumont Airport is like a metaphor for some moments in life when everything must  go precisely as it’s supposed to. A kind of miniature Kai Tak,  Rio´s downtown airport has one of the shortest runways for airports of its kind (over 5 million […]

Esperança no Ar

 30 de junho, quando ainda se respirava esperança no ar do Rio de Janeiro. Fuga rapidinha entre vôos no Santos Dumont. June 30, when one could still feel the hope in Rio’s atmosphere. A quickie between flights at Santos Dumont airport. 30 Juin, quands on pouvait encore sentir […]