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Back in Business

Depois de uma pausa forçada por ter equpamento furtado no que supostamente seria um dos lugares mais seguros da cidade de São Paulo (a administração!? da segurança do Parque do Ibirapuera manda lembranças), é hora de molhar os pés de novo. Molhar e sujar de areia, barro, lama, […]

On Butts and Lévy-Strauss…

A few years after shooting the photos of Pleasure Pier, I return to the spot to find it almost completely destroyed. Reminded me of antropologist Lévy-Strauss, who once noted about Brazil that “Here everything looks like still under construction and already in ruins.” Uns anos após fazer as […]

Fields of Gold

A while ago a guy I got in touch to photograph told me about a place on the top of a high hill with interesting rocks on it. Recently we went there to check it out. Unfortunately, because it was in a dark remote area we´d need a […]

B-Sides – Großer Zug

New post on the B-Sides, with the photos from a boat ride just outside Berlin, while we waited for the day to end, so we could start shooting for the project. Novo post no B-Sides, com as fotos de um passeio de barco nas cercanias de Berlim, enquanto […]

Sleepless in Berlin

    A primeira vez que eu fui a Berlim eu saí com a sensação de não ter entendido bem a cidade. Dessa vez, vim com a sensação de que ficamos muito mais íntimos. Talvez minhas horas doidas de sono, que me fizeram saltar da cama quando a […]

O Culto

These photos were made at a small property outside São Paulo. A couple that decided to live there invited me through common friends. The initial ideas completely fell through when, as the night advanced, literally hundreds of mosquitoes started a relentless attack on me and the guys. The […]

League of Gentlemen

A while ago I got in touch with a guy who became interested in going through the process of conversations that leads to the photos in my main project. After some chats he told me that apart from the 9-5 routine from his regular job he was working […]