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The Long and Darkening Road

  The more I talked with Luís about the situations we might portray in the photos, the more it all looked to me like a metaphor for the times we are living in Brazil.* Ideas revolving around situations of helplessness, isolation, and imminent danger. Being overpowered by forces […]


No último dia da exposição tivemos um visitante/fotografado logo cedo. Dann veio se ver e concordamos que ele ficava muito melhor se vendo da mesma forma em que aparecia na foto, que fizemos há uns anos no intervalo das filmagens do curta do Marcio Miranda Perez, inspirado no […]

About Last Friday

Pra o último fim de semana da exposição eu queria deixar o espaço livre pra quem quisesse chegar e ser fotografado, ou só ficar à vontade, visitando o local pelado também. Depois de alguma conversa com a administração isso foi permitido e parti pra testar fotos no local. […]


This week the process of ousting the elected president of Brazil has seen its darkest days. Nothing short of a coup, for its weak legal foundations and pretexts, it consolidated all power in the worst possible representatives in our politics: the retrograde, corrupt, right wing, religious (insert your […]


A couple years ago, on our way back from shooting in one of Rio´s beaches, me and my friend Damiel found this little kiosk. We stoped for a minute to take a pic over there. I first tought of publishing in the folowing weeks, but decided to put […]

A New Hope

Roughly four years ago, I had a flight connection at Santos Dumont Airport, in Rio de Janeiro. The world cup was going on in Germany and, as we approached to land, I could see both the Christ Statue and the Sugar Loaf specially decorated for the occasion. The […]