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Antena foi produzida em 2018, em cima de um prédio ícone de São Paulo e foi parte de uma aventura envolvendo um amigo querido. Mais dessa aventura pode ser vista aqui. “Antena” was made in 2018, on the top of an iconic building in São Paulo. It was […]


Anhangabaú foi produzida nos intervalos da filmagem do curta metragem “Lightrapping”, dirigido por Marcio Miranda Perez, e inspirado no meu projeto “Leia o Perfil”, em 2016. Anhangabaú was made in between shots during the filming of “Lightrapping”, a short movie by Marcio Miranda Perez, inpired by my “Read […]


        O melhor tipo de amigo: gentil, antenado e sempre disposto a fazer alguma loucura fotográfica… :) These prints are available for purchase.Limited edition of 15 each, in (roughly) A2 size (42.0 x 59.4cm, 16.53 x 23.39 inches).Paper: Canson Lustre 310g/m2R$ 850,00 each, (aprox.U$ 150 / […]

Rooftop near Oosterpark

I have been to The Netherlands a few times. I have good friends, either Dutch or people who chose to live there. My impressions were always very nice, about country and people. But I didn’t expect to have so many folks interested in taking part in the kind […]

Been Caught Streaking

  A buddy mentioned fantasies involving construction sites and its workers, or being somehow exposed, caught and held helpless by others. We never tought a site and an opportunity to depict those (and some more) would be in our way so soon. Here´s the beginning of it.

I Love NY

Some say São Paulo keeps trying to be New York. If it´s true, I hope it just keeps on trying and doesn´t lose its own character. I wouldn´t mind if it had half of NY´s public transport system tough…