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Back in Business

Depois de uma pausa forçada por ter equpamento furtado no que supostamente seria um dos lugares mais seguros da cidade de São Paulo (a administração!? da segurança do Parque do Ibirapuera manda lembranças), é hora de molhar os pés de novo. Molhar e sujar de areia, barro, lama, […]

Gávea Tourist Hotel

For a few years I wanted to visit the carcass of a hotel, nestled in the mountains of Rio. A project from the 1950’s, it was never completed. A certificate of occupancy was issued just for the top floors, where a restaurant and a night club operated for […]

Between a Rock and a Hard…

After months of chatting, a guy finally agreed to be photographed in a now or never basis, so we set off to one of Rio´s remotest beaches and went for it. Mutant carnivore piraña starving mosquitoes bites, and my first (little) accident while photographing (thanks rocks for “cushioning” […]

Storm Surge

A couple I met in São Paulo said they´d be passing my area on their way to a city nearby where they´d spend a holiday. The first plans for them were for the big city scenario, but I had to seize the opportunity of having them somewhere around […]