Tag: 2019

Ghost Series

These images comprise a triptych from the photos made in a deserted, dead end, road by a beach in Northeastern Brazil. The process previous to the night the images were made involved my own views of the photographed, and reveries about doing wild, unthinkable things and behaving insanely. […]


2020 promises the worst for Brazilians, with the ascension of militia linked, corrupt, protofascists to the presidency in 2019. It’s even sadder when you realise the recent trend of rise to power of despicable creatures such as the Trumps, Johnsons and so on. However, I’d like to start […]

Accidental Ballroom

One more moment from my night out with Laurence. After photographing by the river we stumbled into this place, right by the Bode Museum. Since it was so inviting for a ball dance scene, and since it takes two, I thought it was a call to join him […]