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Juntos – Tobias e Flavio

Juntos. Acho que todos os meus amigos compartilham a mesma vontade.Eu tentei juntar alguns deles. Pedi que fizessem fotos nas suas salas, voltados pra porta de entrada. Em algum momento espero repetir cada uma dessas fotos, quando o encontro for possível. Por agora vou juntando da maneira possível, […]

Juntos – Vinícius e Gustavo

Juntos. Acho que todos os meus amigos compartilham essa vontade. Seja de estar com os amigos, ou com a família, que está do outro lado do mundo. Sobre os amigos, eu tentei juntar alguns. Pedi que fizessem fotos nas suas salas, voltados pra porta de entrada. Em algum […]


2020 promises the worst for Brazilians, with the ascension of militia linked, corrupt, protofascists to the presidency in 2019. It’s even sadder when you realise the recent trend of rise to power of despicable creatures such as the Trumps, Johnsons and so on. However, I’d like to start […]

Accidental Ballroom

One more moment from my night out with Laurence. After photographing by the river we stumbled into this place, right by the Bode Museum. Since it was so inviting for a ball dance scene, and since it takes two, I thought it was a call to join him […]

Freikörperkultur, Aussie Style

We started chatting a while before my vacations. He told me about his moving to Berlin from Australia, about the impacts a change of environment like that causes and all the new aspects of his life that blossomed in the process. One of them involved acceptance and appreciation […]

Lake at Night

During a trip to Germany last year I got in touch with @sailorbln through a common friend. You’ve probably seen some of the photos from the posts based in the conversations we had for the project. A few days before we met in the abandoned brewery he invited […]

Raise up the Stakes

Once one starts playing that little game I mentioned in the first post of this series, there are inescapable thoughts that come to one’s mind during the wanderings in places like that: “how to make it more daring?”, “what would it feel like to be playing for the […]

Brewery Ballroom

Here´s a little more of the night spent exploring an abandoned brewery in former East Berlin. The place is huge, with large rooms like this one, filled with debris and all sorts of traps to the unwary. For more on the history of the place, the always accurate […]